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30-Day 100% Satisfaction Warranty

Since you are reading this - I bet you do some sort of hard Martial Art or sport, right? Whatever it is, I bet you are stiff, sore, and perhaps have some injuries… 

Grapplers tear their muscles each time they go to the gym.
You need something to fix that! Yoga for BJJ.

Forget about spending ours in the Gym trying to remove the pain for yourself! I know because I have had the same experience.

You have had to work around those injuries and you feel miserable about them. Because of this you can’t reach your full potential on the mat and you always have that "achilles heel" holding you back. But you keep going to Jiu-Jitsu anyway because you are addicted like the rest of us and you won't take time off so you keep having to work around those injuries. It's time to start Yoga for BJJ, as thousands before you.

Whether You’re a White Belt or a Black Belt...

Join my program to learn EXACTLY what it takes to get flexible for Jiu Jitsu and get the upper hand on your training partners from the comfort of your own home!

It doesn’t matter if you’re training 1 hour a week or 8 hours a day, if you’re 25 or 50. You can finally have the confidence knowing how to become flexible, prevent injuries and increase your chances of getting the upper hand on the mats. 

Just imagine saying goodbye to “trial and error” injury healing costing you pain each week!

This Is for YOU If You Want to Learn How To...

  • Making you harder to sweep and even better at passing
  • ​Experience how great your body feels after only 10 minutes of stretching
  • Use specific yoga poses to improve your balance
  • See how relevant yoga is to jiu jitsu, and how beneficial it will be to your progression and jiu jitsu
  • ​Maintain a consistent practice for you and your body
  • ​Up your Jiu Jitsu game by working on your breathing and flexibility
  • ​Get the tools to strengthen your body and spend more time on the mats doing what you love
  • ​​...and so much more!

”You can get really far with mobility and flexibility rather than strength and force.” 

-Sebastian Brosche

Dirty Little Secret #1: Flexibility = Strength
Your lack of flexibility stops you from progressing and using certain parts of your jiu-jitsu game. 
Yes we are all different shapes and sizes and because of that we all create different angles and movements but don't you want to unlock the potential to create as many different shapes and sizes as possible? 

Working on your flexibility will give you the ability to add a whole new arsenal of techniques that you were unable to do before. You will have a wider choice of options from positions because you have more movement in them than you had before. With more options you will be able to stretch further, reach higher and because of that you will find new openings to escape or progress
Opening up more angles could improve things like your guard game and make you that small percentage more impossible to pass. How many times has someone been working a pass and only succeeded by that tiny bit? 

Now imagine if you had worked on your flexibility and gone back to that pass, things could have been different right?

Working on your flexibility will allow you to create even more of those angles and movements that you created before, the more options you have available in a position the more opportunities you have in that position and your jiu jitsu game can only improve from that. 

Give yourself those options and opportunities.
Dirty Little Secret #2: Effortless Movement = Perfect Technique
Has your coach ever shown a technique in class and you've seen people give that eyebrow raising look that says "I'll never be able to do that." Or you've had to adapt a technique slightly because "your body doesn't go that way?" Wrong. Your lack of mobility is stopping you from doing that technique which is what is stopping you from perfecting the technique!

If you unlock the capability to do the technique correctly you are a step closer to perfecting that technique, if you are unable to complete it yet you are only slowing your own progress down and limiting your jiu jitsu. 

Give yourself the opportunity to be able to say "I can't wait to try that" when you see a new technique instead. That way you are not limiting your progression or your jiu jitsu game.
Dirty Little Secret #3: Daily habits = unstoppable success
Jiu jitsu has taught us that consistency and focus over time will help improve our technique and success. You can now apply that knowledge to a structured system of sequenced classes that will show you what you need to do to fix your problems all at once and improve yourself and in turn your jiu jitsu.

Once you have started, nothing will be able to stop you! 
You will be able to see the results and progress from your continued practice and will be able to start applying all of it to your jiu jitsu game. 

You will have the upper hand on your training partners from working on yourself away from the mats. From your continued practice and newfound knowledge you will be more aware of your body and its capabilities and have a realistic understanding of your newly stretched limitations and unlocked potential.

Your success and progress is waiting for you to come and grab it!

I Will Show You How To Turn Your Struggle Into Success
Hi, I'm Sebastian Brosche. Not long ago I couldn’t complete the slow and painful process of putting my socks on without laying down on the floor. I was overtrained, injured and miserable

I soon realised my enemy wasn't my next opponent. My enemy was my own body and knowing what I had to do. 

I was compensating from lack of flexibility and my body was suffering from years of not listening to it.
My turning point came when I discovered Yoga and everything changed forever. The 3 biggest breakthroughs in my attitude, turned out to be well hidden secrets that nobody was talking about, not even the professionals.

It turns out that these "secrets" are fundamental truths that are so obvious when we talk about them, but that still most people have missed.  

I've discovered the secrets to keeping injuries and pains off, FOREVER.  

I stumbled over these simple secrets that turned my years of aches and struggles into what I can only call jiu jitsu joy and success. 

Now, I'm empowering thousands of athletes by teaching them how to do it, the same, simple way.
It's not just you! 
Your biggest problem is shared with everyone in BJJ.
The problems you have, all have a common cause. Your own body is your biggest opponent, your inflexibility makes you weak, and your lack of mobility stops your technique and progress.

Are you watching the higher belts roll effortlessly and kick ass while they smile?

Are you getting beaten by people half your age and weight?

Are you twice as strong, but can't access your power?
Do you have the potential, but your body is stopping you?

Yoga for BJJ solves all of your biggest problems at once.

By creating a positive daily habit of doing short simple yoga classes, you can dramatically and effectively increase mobility and flexibility without any struggle.  
LUCKILY others have already paved the way
These are people who have been at the same turning point as you are now
What made them successful? 

Firstly, they realized that what they were doing wasn't working and adapted.
Secondly, they made a commitment to give Yoga For BJJ a honest try.
Thirdly, we worked together consistently to realize our full potential.


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