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Why Does Flexibility Matter For Grapplers?

  • Maintain your open guard: Improve leg flexibility and notice the difference in your guard retention right away..
  • Avoid getting swept: Improve your balance with standing postures in yoga, and defence allmost all the sweeps..
  • Opponent twisting you up until you want to die: Do our yoga flows, become comfortable with being uncomfortable..
  • Breathe during massive scrambles: We help you Be aware of the breath and how to use it with movement
  • Bridge to escape mount or finish that armbar: Join our yoga flows that include strengthening in the bridge position
  • ​​​Watch your back: Get practice being in turtle (aka, Childs pose). 
  • Slow the mind while everything is moving in a scramble: Make this the norm with the focus yoga being with movement

Meet The Team

+ more instructors inside..


BJJ + Judo Black Belt

2x BJJ World Champion


BJJ Black Belt

500H RYT


BJJ Black Belt

2x BJJ World Champion

”You can get really far with mobility and flexibility, rather than strength and force.” 

- Sebastian Brosche

Whether You’re a White Belt or a Black Belt...

Join my program to learn EXACTLY what it takes to become flexible for Jiu Jitsu!

It doesn’t matter if you’re training 1 hour a week or 8 hours a day, if you’re 25 or 50.

You can finally have the confidence knowing how to become flexible, prevent injuries and increase your chances of getting the upper hand on the mats. 

Just imagine saying goodbye to “trial and error” injury healing costing you pain each week!

I Will Show You How To Turn Your Struggle Into Success
Hi, I'm Sebastian Brosche. Not long ago I couldn’t complete the slow and painful process of putting my socks on without laying down on the floor. I was overtrained, injured and miserable

I soon realised my enemy wasn't my next opponent. My enemy was my own body and knowing what I had to do. 

I was compensating from lack of flexibility and my body was suffering from years of not listening to it.
My turning point came when I discovered Yoga and everything changed forever. The 3 biggest breakthroughs in my attitude, turned out to be well hidden secrets that nobody was talking about, not even the professionals.

It turns out that these "secrets" are fundamental truths that are so obvious when we talk about them, but that still most people have missed.  

I've discovered the secrets to keeping injuries and pains off, FOREVER.  

I stumbled over these simple secrets that turned my years of aches and struggles into what I can only call jiu jitsu joy and success. 

Now, I'm empowering thousands of athletes by teaching them how to do it, the same, simple way.

It's not just you!
Your biggest problem is shared with everyone in BJJ.

The problems you have, all have a common cause. Your own body is your biggest opponent, your inflexibility makes you weak, and your lack of mobility stops your technique and progress.

Are you watching the higher belts roll effortlessly and kick ass while they smile?

Are you getting beaten by people half your age and weight? 🚑

Are you twice as strong, but can't access your power?
Do you have the potential, but your body is stopping you?

Yoga for BJJ solves all of your biggest problems at once.

By creating a positive daily habit of doing short simple yoga classes, you can dramatically and effectively increase mobility and flexibility without any struggle.  
Luckily Others Have Already Paved The Way 🥋
These are people who have been at the same turning point as you are now
What made them successful? 

Firstly, they realized that what they were doing wasn't working and adapted.
Secondly, they made a commitment to give Yoga For BJJ a honest try.
Thirdly, we worked together consistently to realize our full potential.


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 "A pioneering platform used by thousands of BJJ practitioners, which advocates yoga and its benefits for grapplers by displaying a series of programs specifically designed to help these practitioners". 


Why Does Flexibility Matter For Grapplers? Part II...

  • Sweep: If your hamstrings or hip flexers are tight, its harder to do different sweeps on the mat
  • ​Pass the guard: If your shoulders are being pulled inwards in everyday life from typing on your mobile/laptop etc, its harder to pass the guard rather than if you have open shoulders..
  • ​Hold your guard: If your opponent try to pass your guard, surprise them by lowering your legs more than they thought where possible as they lean in. They might loose their balance..
  • Get out of Headlock: If you are stuck in a headlock, you want to get out of it.. When that splitsecond comes, you better be ready. If you are more flexible, you might get that opportunity a bit earlier than your opponent expects it..
  • ​Set a Headlock: When you are going for a headlock, you get your elbow further away and create a larger space, when you are flexible. Its easier to bend your arms in different positions..
  • ​Reduce Injuries: As a grappler you will get hurt. Its part of the game. By being more flexible, you can escape locks and get out of potential dangerous posititions that might injure your body. By being more flexible you prevent injuries before they happen..
  • Up Your Jiu Jitsu Game: By working on your breathing and flexibility you will get to the next level.. 
  • Better Life Quality: When you are flexible, your body moves freely and your mind feels less tension. Keep it a good habit each day to stretch a bit and feel the difference..
  • Strenghten Your Body: Get the tools you need to strenghten your body and spend more time on the mats doing what you love..
  • Improve Your Posture: When you grapple, your muscles pulls your shoulders and body inwards. With Yoga For BJJ your body opens up, getting you flexible and ready for the next level..
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